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Teleporter Cross Chain Applications


Dive deeper into Teleporter and kickstart your journey in building cross-chain dApps by enrolling in our Teleporter course.

This directory includes cross-chain applications that are built on top of the Teleporter protocol.

Example Applications

Note: All example applications in the examples directory are meant for education purposes only and are not audited. The example contracts are not intended for use in production environments.

  • ERC20Bridge allows cross-chain transfers of existing ERC20 assets. More details found here
  • ExampleMessenger a simple cross chain messenger that demonstrates Teleporter application sending arbitrary string data. More details found here
  • VerifiedBlockHash publishes the latest block hash of one chain to a destination chain that receives the hash and verifies the sender. Includes BlockHashPublisher and BlockHashReceiver. More details found here
  • NativeTokenBridge demonstrates transferring both a native EVM token and ERC20 assets to be the native EVM token on another chain. More details found here

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