AvalancheJS: is Avalanche's JavaScript library written in TypesScript which enables browser and Node.js clients to make API calls to Avalanche nodes. It provides a wide suite of tools to make asset creation, balance management, and funds transfer easy. AvalancheJS has tools for managing the node itself, accessing the Admin, Keystore, and Platform APIs built into Avalanche nodes.

Avash: is a shell client for interacting with Avalanche and can deploy local networks and interact with the nodes in those networks. You can use Avash to rapidly launch test network environments.

Ortelius API: is an API that allows clients to interact with Ortelius, the Avalanche indexer.

Postman collection: is an AvalancheGo API template and environment collection for Postman, a tool to simplify API development and experimentation. The collection covers all of AvalancheGo APIs, so you can easily issue commands to your node and examine the output in a nicely formatted, readable way.