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Avalanche Summit: Fuji Quickstart


Interest in Avalanche Subnets has been exploding. With the recent announcement of Multiverse, an up to $290M incentive program to accelerate growth of Subnets, we expect that interest to accelerate.

A requirement of running a custom subnet is to first have a validator on the primary subnet. Currently fully syncing the Fuji network takes multiple days. A common request from developers is a quicker path to having a fully synced Fuji node. With that in mind, and in time for the Avalanche Summit Hackthon, we've uploaded a DB to S3 that you can use to start your own Fuji validator.

Download AvalancheGo

First, you need an instance of AvalancheGo. For that you have multiple options including cloning the repo and building it locally or just running from a pre-built binary.

Build Locally

Check out the AvalancheGo repo and follow the build steps.

Run From Binary

Alternatively you can use a pre-built binary.

Install the Fuji DB

Now that you have an instance of AvalancheGo you can download the Fuji DB from S3.

Download the DB from S3

First, download the DB. Depending on your network speed this may take a while.


Unzip the tar

Next, unzip the downloaded tarfile. This will extract a fuji/ directory.

tar -xf 03-25-2022-testnet-db.tar.gz

Move the DB

Lastly, move the fuji/ directory to ~/.avalanchego/db/

mv fuji/ ~/.avalanchego/db


We want to make it as quick and seamless as possible for developers to go from idea to amazing subnet and application with as few steps as possible. Providing a DB for developers to quickly sync the Fuji network is just one more step to ensure a best-in-class UX for developers on the Avalanche network.