Health API

This API can be used for measuring node health.


This API uses the json 2.0 RPC format. For more information on making JSON RPC calls, see here.



API Methods


Get health check on this node.


health.getLiveness() -> {
    checks: {
        network.validators.heartbeat: {
            message: {
                heartbeat: int
            timestamp: string,
            duration: int,
            contiguousFailures: int,
            timeOfFirstFailure: int
    healthy: bool
  • heartbeat is the unix timestamp of the last time the network handled a message.
  • timestamp is the timestamp of the last health check.
  • duration is the execution duration of the last health check in milliseconds.
  • contiguousFailures is the number of fails that occurred in a row.
  • timeOfFirstFailure is the time of the initial transitional failure.

More information on these measurements can be found in the documentation for the go-sundheit library.

Example Call

curl -X POST --data '{
    "id"     :1,
    "method" :"health.getLiveness"
}' -H 'content-type:application/json;'

Example Response