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Get Test Funds from the Fuji Testnet Faucet

The Fuji Testnet Faucet sends AVAX to X-Chain or C-Chain addresses to help you test. (This testnet AVAX has no value.)

We can get a "drip" of AVAX from the Fuji faucet. Paste the address into the Fuji faucet website. These AVAX are for the Fuji Testnet and have no monetary value.

Requesting AVAX

If you already have an AVAX balance greater than zero on Mainnet, paste your C-Chain address there, and request test tokens. The faucet will send some AVAX to the address and return a transaction ID (txID). This txID can be used with the Fuji Testnet Explorer to learn more about the transaction.

Receiving AVAX

Otherwise, please request a faucet coupon on Guild. Admins and mods on the official Discord can provide testnet AVAX if developers are unable to obtain it from the other two options.

Request Coupon

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