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Deploy a Smart Contract on Your Subnet-EVM Using Remix and Core


This tutorial assumes that:

  • A Subnet and EVM blockchain has been created
  • Your Node is currently validating your target Subnet
  • Your wallet has a balance of the Subnet Native Token(Specified under alloc in your Genesis File).

Step 1: Setting up Core​

EVM Subnet Settings: (EVM Core Tutorial)​

  • Network Name: Custom Subnet-EVM
  • New RPC URL: http://NodeIPAddress:9650/ext/bc/BlockchainID/rpc (Note: the port number should match your local setting which can be different from 9650.)
  • ChainID: Subnet-EVM ChainID
  • Symbol: Subnet-EVM Token Symbol
  • Explorer: N/A

You should see a balance of your Subnet's Native Token in Core.


Step 2: Connect Core and Deploy a Smart Contract​

Using Remix​

Open Remix -> Select Solidity.

remix Subnet evm sc home

Create the smart contracts that we want to compile and deploy using Remix file explorer

Using GitHub​

In Remix Home Click the GitHub button.

remix Subnet evm sc load panel

Paste the link to the Smart Contract into the popup and Click import.

remix Subnet evm sc import

For this example, we will deploy an ERC721 contract from the Avalanche Smart Contract Quickstart Repository.

remix Subnet evm sc file explorer

Navigate to Deploy Tab -> Open the "ENVIRONMENT" drop-down and select Injected Web3 (make sure Core is loaded).

remix Subnet evm sc web3

Once we injected the web3-> Go back to the compiler, and compile the selected contract -> Navigate to Deploy Tab.

remix Subnet evm sc compile

Now, the smart contract is compiled, Core is injected, and we are ready to deploy our ERC721. Click "Deploy."

remix Subnet evm sc deploy

Confirm the transaction on the Core pop up.


Our contract is successfully deployed!

remix Subnet evm sc deployed

Now, we can expand it by selecting it from the "Deployed Contracts" tab and test it out.

remix Subnet evm sc end

The contract ABI and Bytecode are available on the compiler tab.

remix Subnet evm sc ABI

If you had any difficulties following this tutorial or simply want to discuss Avalanche with us, you can join our community at Discord!

Other Tools​

You can use Subnet-EVM just like you use C-Chain and EVM tools. Only differences are chainID and RPC URL. For example you can deploy your contracts with hardhat quick start guide by changing url and chainId in the hardhat.config.ts.

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