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Fuji Testnet

The Fuji Testnet serves as the official testnet for the Avalanche ecosystem.

Fuji's infrastructure imitates Avalanche Mainnet. It's comprised of a Primary Network formed by instances of X, P, and C-Chain, as well as many test Subnets.

Why Use Fuji Over Mainnet?

Fuji provides users with a platform to simulate the conditions found in the Mainnet environment. It enables developers to deploy demo Smart Contracts, allowing them to test and refine their applications before deploying them on the Primary Network.

Users interested in experimenting with Avalanche can receive free testnet AVAX, allowing them to explore the platform without any risk. These testnet tokens have no value in the real world and are only meant for experimentation purposes within the Fuji test network.

To receive testnet tokens, users can request funds from the Avalanche Faucet.

Additional Considerations

  • Fuji Testnet has its own dedicated block explorer.
  • The Public API endpoint for Fuji is not the same as Mainnet. More info is available in the Public API Server documentation.
  • While Fuji Network is a valuable resource, developers also have the option to explore Avalanche Network Runner as an alternative means of locally testing their projects, ensuring comprehensive evaluation and fine-tuning before interacting with the wider network.