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Data Visualization

API calls with Data Visualization​

Data visualization is available for a number of API calls whose responses are transformed and presented in tabular format for easy reference.

Please check out Setting up Postman and Making API Calls beforehand, as this guide assumes that the user has already gone through these steps.

Data visualizations are available for following API calls:




Data Visualization Features​

  • The response output is displayed in tabular format, each data category having a different color.

Data Visualization Feature

  • Unix timestamps are converted to date and time.

Data Visualization Feature

  • Hexadecimal to decimal conversions.

Data Visualization Feature

  • Native token amounts shown as AVAX and/or gwei and wei.

Data Visualization Feature

  • The name of the transaction type added besides the transaction type ID.

Data Visualization Feature

  • Percentages added for the amount of gas used. This percent represents what percentage of gas was used our of the gasLimit.

Data Visualization Feature

  • Convert the output for atomic transactions from hexadecimal to user readable.

Please note that this only works for C-Chain Mainnet, not Fuji.

Data Visualization Feature

How to Visualize Responses​

  1. After installing Postman and importing the Avalanche collection, choose an API to make the call.

  2. Make the call.

  3. Click on the Visualize tab.

  4. Now all data from the output is displayed in tabular format.


Learn how to make an API call with Postman with the help of this guide.

Visualize Response Visualize Response







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