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In order to specify a config for the X-Chain, a JSON config file should be placed at {chain-config-dir}/X/config.json.

For example if chain-config-dir has the default value which is $HOME/.avalanchego/configs/chains, then config.json can be placed at $HOME/.avalanchego/configs/chains/X/config.json.

This allows you to specify a config to be passed into the X-Chain. The default values for this config are:

"index-transactions": false,
"index-allow-incomplete": false,
"checksums-enabled": false

Default values are overridden only if explicitly specified in the config.

The parameters are as follows:

Transaction Indexing



Enables AVM transaction indexing if set to true. When set to true, AVM transactions are indexed against the address and assetID involved. This data is available via avm.getAddressTxs API.


If index-transactions is set to true, it must always be set to true for the node's lifetime. If set to false after having been set to true, the node will refuse to start unless index-allow-incomplete is also set to true (see below).



Allows incomplete indices. This config value is ignored if there is no X-Chain indexed data in the DB and index-transactions is set to false.



Enables checksums if set to true.

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