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This section provides documents on how to build and maintain an AvalancheGo node, and then validate the Avalanche network using an AvalancheGo node.

Run a Node
ManuallyCompile an Avalanche node from source and run it manually
Using the Install ScriptHow to install and run AvalancheGo with the installer script
Run a Subnet NodeHow to run a Subnet node
Common ErrorsLearn about common errors when building your node
Using a Third-Party Cloud Service
Amazon Web ServicesCreate a node that runs on AWS
AWS Marketplace: One Click DeploymentDeploy a node that runs on AWS via a one-click install
Microsoft AzureCreate a node that runs on Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud PlatformCreate a node that runs on Google GCP
Alibaba CloudCreate a node that runs on Alibaba Cloud
Tencent CloudCreate a node that runs on Tencent Cloud
LatitudeCreate a node that runs on
AvalancheGo Configs and FlagsThis documents list all available configuration and flags for AvalancheGo
Chain Configs and FlagsReference for all available chain config options and flags
Subnet ConfigsReference for all available Subnet config options and flags
What is Staking?Explains the concept of staking
Key Differences Between Validation and DelegationThis section details the difference between staking and delegating on Avalanche
How to Stake AVAXThis section provides documents on how to stake AVAX on the Avalanche Network
Add a Node as a ValidatorAdd a node as a validator to the Primary Network
Node Bootstrapping: What to ExpectUnderstand how a node bootstraps
Node Backup and RestoreBack up important files to be able to restore your node
Monitor an Avalanche NodeSet up infrastructure to monitor an instance of AvalancheGo
Upgrade Your AvalancheGo NodeHow to upgrade your Avalanche node
Reduce Disk Usage by running C-Chain Offline PruningHow to reduce the disk space used by AvalancheGo
Enroll A Node in Avalanche NotifyTo receive email alerts if a validator becomes unresponsive or out-of-date, sign up with the Avalanche Notify tool

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