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AvalancheGo APIsDescription
P-Chain APIPlatform Chain API Reference
X-Chain APIExchange Chain API Reference
C-Chain APIContract Chain API Reference
Admin APIAdmin API Reference
Health APIHealth API Reference
Index APIIndex API Reference
Info APIInfo API Reference
Keystore APIKeystore API Reference
Metrics APIMetrics API Reference
Subnet-EVM APISubnet-EVM API Reference
Transaction FormatsDescription
P-ChainPlatform Chain API Transaction Formatting Guide
X-ChainExchange Chain API Transaction Formatting Guide
C-ChainContract Chain API Transaction Formatting Guide
Avalanche StandardsDescription
Avalanche Network ProtocolDefines core communication format between Avalanche nodes
CryptographyCryptography used by Avalanche at the network and blockchain layers
SerializationHow primitive types are encoded on the Avalanche platform
Development GuidesDescription
Issuing API CallsHow to make calls to APIs exposed by Avalanche nodes
Transaction FeesHow transaction fees are determined on Avalanche
X-Chain MigrationSummarizes all of the changes made to the X-Chain API to support Avalanche Cortina
Banff ChangesSummary of the changes in Avalanche Banff Release

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