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πŸ”Ί Avalanche Subnets

Avalanche Subnets are a subset of Avalanche Primary Network validators agreeing to run the same Virtual Machines (VM). Subnets enable extra dimensions of reliability, efficiency, and data sovereignty. See here for a broad overview.

Introduction to Subnets
Getting StartedPlanning a successful Subnet deployment starts by determining your application's needs
C-Chain or Subnet?Help developers determine the best place to launch their application
Build Your First SubnetHow to use Avalanche-CLI to create a Subnet, deploy it to a local network, and connect to it with Core wallet
Deploy a Subnet
On a Local Network
On Fuji Testnet
On Avalanche Mainnet
On Production Infrastructure
With Multisignature Authorization
With a Custom Virtual Machine
Elastic Subnets
Transform a Permissioned Subnet into an Elastic Subnet
Elastic Subnet Parameters
Manage Subnets
View Your Created Subnets
Pause and Resume Local Subnets
Delete a Subnet
Deploy a Smart Contract on Your Subnet
Add a Testnet Faucet
Deploy a Cross-Chain Bridge
Considerations When Upgrading a Subnet
Customize Your EVM-Powered Subnet
Upgrade a Subnet's Virtual Machine
Upgrade a Subnet-EVM Precompile Configuration
Avalanche-CLI Subnet Commands
Case Study: WAGMI Subnet
Troubleshooting Deployments

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