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Smart Contract Development
πŸ’° Get Test FundsHow to get a "drip" of test AVAX from the Fuji testnet faucet
Deploy with Remix IDELearn how to deploy and test a smart contract on Avalanche using Remix and Core
Create an ERC-20 TokenCreate a mintable ERC-20 token
Deploy an NFT CollectionWalkthrough deploying a basic ERC-721 (NFT) smart contract on the Avalanche Network
Developer ToolchainsBest practices regarding writing, testing and deployment of smart contracts to Avalanche's C-Chain using common Toolchains like Hardhat and Foundry.
Call a Smart Contract with GolangCompile a solidity contract into Golang to deploy and call contracts programmatically
Advanced Tutorials
Manually Adjust Gas PricesAdjust the priority fee and max fee cap during high network activity
Dynamic Gas FeesSend transactions with dynamic fee settings to adjust their priority fee and max fee cap in response to network state
Add Network ProgrammaticallyIntegrate Avalanche Network with your Dapp
Exchange IntegrationIntegrate an exchange with the EVM-Compatible Avalanche C-Chain
End-to-End Walkthroughs
Fuji WorkflowWalkthrough of necessary development activities for a bare-bones decentralized application
Launch an Ethereum DappLaunch any new or existing Solidity dapp on Avalanche C-Chain the same as Ethereum, while benefiting from the security, speed, and interoperability of the Avalanche Network

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