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Avalanche Mainnet

Avalanche Mainnet is the final and production-ready version of the blockchain where users can interact with the network and transact with real world assets.

Build Your First Subnet

This tutorial walks you through the process of using Avalanche-CLI to create a Subnet, deploy it to a local network, and connect to it with Core wallet.

Elastic Subnets Parameters

This reference describes the structural parameters of an Elastic (Permissionless) Subnet and illustrates the constraints they must satisfy.

How to Use Avalanche-CLI to Transfer P-Chain Funds

If you need to send funds to your Subnet control key or need to move funds from one Ledger address index to another, this guide will demostrate how to enable direct transfers between ledger P-Chain addresses using the Avalanche-CLI command `avalanche key transfer`.

Run a Subnet Node

Detailed instructions for running an Avalanche node that tracks a Subnet.

WAGMI Subnet

The WAGMI ("We're All Going to Make It") Subnet is a high throughput testbed for EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) optimizations. It is parameterized to run at a factor more capacity than Fuji/Mainnet C-Chain and will is used to experiment with release candidates before included in an official Coreth release.

When to Build on a Subnet vs. on the C-Chain

In this article, we discuss often-overlooked differentiating characteristics of Subnets, with a primary focus on EVM-based applications, to help developers determine the best place to launch their application.