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Teleporter CLI


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This directory contains the source code for the Teleporter CLI. The CLI is a command line interface for interacting with the Teleporter contracts. It is written with cobra commands as a Go application.


To build the CLI, run go build from this directory. This will create a binary called teleporter-cli in the current directory.


The CLI has a number of subcommands. To see the list of subcommands, run ./teleporter-cli help. To see the help for a specific subcommand, run ./teleporter-cli help <subcommand>.

The supported subcommands include:

  • event: given a log event's topics and data, attempts to decode into a Teleporter event in a more readable format.
  • message: given a Teleporter message encoded as a hex string, attempts to decode into a Teleporter message in a more readable format.
  • transaction: given a transaction hash, attempts to decode all relevant Teleporter and Warp log events in a more readable format.

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